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5 Law Dissertation Topics That Will Make Your Paper Shine

Here are dissertation topics, which will make your paper shine, you can select 5 of them. In searching for topics you have to decide which area of law you want to cover, whether it is company law, civil law, criminal law, human rights law, or  constitutional law. For a law dissertation it is important to focus on areas of law which you consider problematical and for which you can propose solutions. Consumer protection is a topic much in the news:

  • Does the United States principle of rule of reason provide the best protection for the consumer?
  • Is the United States law on mergers and acquisitions too slanted towards consumer protection?

For Company law you could consider topics like:

  • Is Corporate Social Responsibility too important to be left to self-regulation?
  • Corporate governance in the United States, a comparison with UK and EU

Considering Human Rights and Constitutional Law you could examine the ways the current law protects individual rights and whether the Constitution adequately protects human rights. An example in the United States might be:

  • What rights do illegal immigrants have in the United States and how can their situation be improved or resolved?
  • Does the Supreme Court adequately protect human rights? A study of recent case history.
  • How can the United States federal law establish greater control over firearms?

For Criminal law questions which could be considered for a dissertation topic include:

  • What are the arguments for abolishing the death penalty in the United States?
  • Are sentences for criminal activity too severe in the United States in terms of jail time sentences?
  • When state law conflicts with federal criminal law, which should prevail?
  • What powers of arrest should be applicable to the police and what safeguards are there for innocent parties wrongly accused?

Your law dissertations should be broad but also focused leaving plenty of room for argument and referring to cases in support of your argument. You should also cite cases which oppose your argument and fit them into your dissertation so that you cover the legal situation from all angles and make sure you argue for the best solution in each case. A thorough grasp of case history is essential for your dissertation because you are actually arguing as if you are in court before a judge and this is how you should approach your dissertation.

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