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How to Write a Wonderful Dissertation on Any Topic without Any Effort

  1. Pick your dissertation topic from the list presented by DissertationTeam.
    • Now try to verbalize your topic in 3-4 sentences.
    • Talk over your dissertation topic with your professor.
    • Talk over your dissertation with other students.
    • You should be able to get your topic down to 2 sentences by now, if not you need to do more talking. The more you talk about your dissertation the more likely you are to be concise with the words that you use.
  2. Think if the problem you are trying to address is bounded by your field of study or does it go over boundaries into other fields of study or disciplines? E.g. does it straddle education and history? Does it straddle religion and law? Identify the boundaries.
  3. Is the problem you are addressing in your dissertation, a real or hypothetical problem? Is it significant? Is it a threat to development of society? Does it have measurable outcomes?
  4. Are you able to find a realistic amount of literature and information regarding your topic? If not, do not be discouraged , check to see if the reason you cannot find enough evidence is because there is a gap in researched knowledge? If that is the case why do you think that is the case? Are you able to address this problem in any way? If you can’t address the problem, what do you think needs to be done by other establishments? Are you the only person that his identified this problem?
  5. Does you research not jet identify this problem but does it also address the problem in any way?
  6. When you complete your dissertation, will your work have any value to your field of study does it help extend any similar questions that have to been researched prior to your work? Will it give rise to future research questions and further studies?
  7. Look again at your research method, is it still appropriate? What data will your be collecting? How are you going to collect it? How are you going to manage if the data you are collecting is not sufficient?
  8. Think again how you may cope if any of your dissertation plans need to be changed because you have not got sufficient evidence either through literature reviews or through data collection.
  9. If you find you have not got enough don’t make so many changes to your dissertation that you cannot recognize exactly what you have set out to do.
  10. Congratulations, you are thinking outside of the box. Keep asking questions and your work will shine!

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