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How To Write An Undergraduate Thesis: Stylistic Requirements

If you want to pass your undergraduate thesis project there is some specific stylist requirements that you will be expected to adhere to.

Title Page

Your undergraduate thesis must include a title page. It should have a compelling title followed by your byline.

Acknowledgements Page

There must also be an acknowledgments page included. This should reference:

Any aid or assistance or support given to you by your family or peers

The names of the individuals who assisted you within the University Faculty, professional researchers, or expert advisors

A list of manuscripts, data, and any non-published content that you used

Any other support that was provided whether it was financial or other. You must list the foundation, agency, or other organization that assisted you.

If you received any grants you may need to cite these as stated in your contract

Table of Contents

You must also include a table of contents that lists all of the headings and sections within your thesis with their page numbers.


You will want to include a writing abstract of approximately 400 words summarizing your paper

Reference Page, Sources Cited

These should be listed in either APA or MPA styling. The reference and citations should include all of the resource materials used within the thesis document.

Page Numbers

It may seem like a small detail but your thesis must have page numbers.

Proper Spacing and Margins

The final copy should be a PDF document that is double-spaced with 1-inch margins.


All footnotes, including your bibliographic sources and quotes can be single spaced but must have double spaces separating them.

Formats and Style Selection

Unlike the specific items listed above formatting and style may vary depending on your department. Furthermore, not all departments list a specific style- so you may have some options.

However, before selecting a style for your paper it may be a good idea to consult with your department head or faculty advisor. They may have advice or specific preferences for you, it never hurts to ask.

Lastly, if you are submitting your undergraduate thesis for publication the academic publishers whether you university or other may also have additional specifications. You can save yourself time by checking in on these beforehand and making sure that your paper is properly formatted to these specs as well. If the publication criterion is different than that of your institution you may have to deliver two versions of your document.

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