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20 Good Topics For A Politics Undergraduate Dissertation

A politics undergraduate dissertation is a piece of academic writing that you must work on really hard. It’s imperative that the paper you create must be outstanding in order to impress your audience and prove your knowledge and skills.

Writing an exceptional undergraduate dissertation in politics starts with choosing a topic. You must pick something relevant, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to choose an interesting issue for your research as there are plenty of things happening in the political world every day, and many of them literally change the world.

Here are some prompts you can use if you cannot think of an interesting topic on your own.

  1. How did 9/11 affect international politics of the U.S. towards Eastern countries?
  2. What were the real causes of the events of 9/11?
  3. The impact of the Islamic State on world policy.
  4. How does China’s economic growth threaten the U.S.?
  5. Analogies between the U.S. foreign policies and the Crusades of the Holy Grail from the time of Richard the Lion Heart.
  6. Who actually determines the U.S. foreign policy?
  7. Comparison of Labour and Conservative Governments: which is the better choice for the future?
  8. How much Britain’s inclusion in the EU is responsible for the current economic problems within the country?
  9. The influence of free movement of people within the EU on foreign policies of individual member countries of the Union.
  10. Can the problems between African nations be blamed on the ancient tribal traditions and feuds?
  11. Religion and politics: how they shouldn’t be mixed.
  12. How do inner conflicts of African nations affect their relationships with the Western countries?
  13. How did Western involvement affect the existing problems in Africa?
  14. Is it possible to reinstate the USSR? What will be the consequences of such an action?
  15. Why did the Eastern European countries fall under the influence of the Soviet Union?
  16. How did some post-soviet countries manage to integrate in the EU?
  17. Why is Russia a threat to the Western political ideals?
  18. Will the conflict between Israel and Palestina ever end?
  19. What causes conflicts between the nations in the Middle East?
  20. The impact of Western attempts to help resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Whichever topic you choose, remember to take both your personal interests and your audience into account. An undergraduate dissertation will have an impact on your future career, so you need to think of what your prospective employers will be interested in reading.

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