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Learning At The Museum: Themes In Cultural Comprehension Through Exhibitions

Chapter 3: Learning At The Museum – Part 2

Crystal Siemens Museum: Demonstrating Sustainability through Interactive Education

The Siemens Museum entitled the Crystal demonstrates how sustainable city initiatives can make beneficial cities for the future. The Crystal identifies the future of urban cosmopolitan living with an exhibition focusing on sustainability and integration of modern technology in ecological design. As depicted on, there are significant unique advantages to this building that create a futuristic sensation upon entering each exhibit. The Crystal illustrates global changes and trends that exist with technology today. In building environmentally sustainable model is important for livable and prosperous cities to exist based on integrated means. Ecological design encourages meaningful development of urban environments for the present and future. Exhibition details aspects of urban planning, safety, energy, healthy life and environment. These are in addition to issues relating to mobility and water or accessibility to other resources.

Ultimately the development of cities within the exhibition focuses on sustainability. This is about the balance between the quality of life and competitiveness of an economic advantage. Ultimately the environment must balance these forces. At the center of the Crystal it is possible to see global trends, ideas and technologies that would help build the most environmentally sustainable city of the future.

In addition to the environmental impacts of this type of development, demographic changes and the urbanization of climate change can also impact a person's life greatly. Whether it is involving the economy or quality-of-life overall it is important to note that some changes and forces are underlying. Planning further and monitoring is needed to create the best cities of the future. The way that these efforts are used currently is depicted in exhibit in a decision-making process entry. This interactive aspect of the museum allows for users to understand the roles necessary and currently used to form urban planning and successful design.

Building smart buildings is also a core component that is necessary to living in urban cosmopolitan area. High-level of inefficiencies in buildings can reduce resources and prevent the balance between environment and economics. Utilizing different new technologies that provide innovations in this area are shown to reduce resources and create holistic patterns of well-being within the building structures themselves. At this part of the exhibition, users can view a walking tour that illustrates vividly the complexity and gradual changes between environmental and sustainable development within urban settings.

There have been fundamental difficulties in providing energy supplies that can meet demands and provide clear energy to explore new electricity in the modern age. The exhibition shows solutions for sustainable development in cities as well as decentralizes approaches for greater energy production. It is possible to live with energy supplies throughout the grid and to improve storage and renewable materials to be up. This highly interactive display allows users to see the specific nature of energy demands and how they can be met in the present and future.

The importance of water as a finite source is important and elucidated further in this exhibit. Several solutions for drinkable water including ways that water can be recycled, desalinated and harvested are shown in terms of water management strategies. These factors contribute to promoting a healthy life. Growing and aging populations within the healthcare system or another development continue to create a situation for social change. Research has currently shown impact on urban developments and settings on this population specifically. Solutions involving preventative treatments, personalized medicine, and distribution mechanisms that can promote a healthy lifestyle show how this aspect of urban living in the future may be addressed.

After showing how exhibits can demonstrate differences based on pollution and reduced air-quality within environments, there are different ways shown to improve quality and waste management as well as CO2 omissions. This will further contribute to a healthy lifestyle while providing a better environment and quality of life for everyone involved in a city that is based on environmental sustainable design in the future the increased need for transportation is something that will continue to grow over time. The exhibit discusses these implications through a complex plan with integrated traffic solutions. This vision allows for the best practice in managing traffic and providing the fastest and most reliable service to all people involved.

The Crystal shows the best trends in challenges along with technological solutions that may be available in the future. Certain parts of the exhibit show realistic and possible outcomes of the future that allows visitors the chance to interact with the media, technology and environment is created within the Crystal. Ultimately the exhibition promotes sustainability and develops different aspects of the balance between economic competitiveness and the quality of life. Within the center of this exhibit are beneficial examples of major global trends and challenges as well as ideas that can solve some of the world's greatest trouble.

There are many facets of learning that are associated with this based on the perspective of that attendee is possible to see several different cultural and market oriented aspects to the developments portrayed in the Crystal. Not only are new technologies presented in the most realistic forms available to date, it is possible to generate futuristic impressions of the results of continues technology developments in these areas. For example the clean and green portion of the exhibit shows ways that air-quality can receive benefits and create less CO2 omissions. While these technologies may not be implemented on a worldwide scale yet they do reflect the outcomes of several global trends and post significant likeness to what may actually occur in the future.

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