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Getting free dissertation examples on the web

It is strongly advisable that students who are working on their dissertation take the time to find a “coach” to help them with the dissertation paper and project.  These coaches can help students stay organized and help them find examples and templates that can be used on the papers. There is a not immediately obvious but very real difference between an advisor and a dissertation coach. Where an advisor focuses on your overall academic progress and career, a dissertation coach is there to help with the paper itself as an entity all on its own.


  • Dissertation coaches will have more of a holistic approach to helping you finish your paper.
  • Get the help and support you need online any time via email, chat, massager, or forum postings. Get the emotional and academic support that you need to achieve your goals.
  • Make the most of your time and effort and energy and have a great paper to show for it. Coaches can help you get organized and give you tools and tips that can help you with your work and papers. Their goal is to help you write, finish, and submit your final papers.
  • If you need examples of dissertations and templates that you can work from, they will most likely have an ample supply that you can browse and choose from so you know how to fashion the best paper that you possibly can. Getting free dissertation examples on the web is simple and easy if you know where to look.

Group Coaching

  • “Group Coaching” is also valuable and is an option that is growing in popularity as many students have such a busy schedule that they cannot always make time for individual sessions but can make occasional group meetings with others who are also working on their dissertation. 
  • Using this model, students have group sessions over phone or internet chat or they can be face to face meetings.
  • Everyone involved in the sessions will make agreements in terms of confidentiality, and the group is usually set up so that none of the members of the group will be competing against anyone else in the group with their paper topic and theme.
  • The advantage of this approach is that you have access to the minds of many others and can get ideas, suggestions, tips, and ideas for templates and formatting. 
  • The group setting also provides a sounding board and very real peer support, which can be exactly what you may be looking for in your online dissertation assistance.
  • Getting free dissertation examples on the web is one great benefit a dissertation coach can offer you.

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