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Directions For Finding Dissertation Literature Review Examples

The creation of a good literature review is essential to making your dissertation of high enough quality to earn you good grades and academic acclaim. Follow the steps below to find a good sample you can use as a template to create the caliber of work you desire:

Type your request into a search engine

This step is the simplest so it is the first listed. By doing this you will be inundated with millions of results in a very small fraction of a second. This will require you to sift through many different things to find what you want and your results will span all different types of websites. This provides you with variety you might not be able to get from any other method.

Specifically target online databases

Having found a few usable resources through a general search, you can begin to target academic databases specifically. You should be able to find a few resources without spending money but others will require you to sign up for a fee. This is a great resource if you’re a full time student and you foresee yourself needing other samples frequently.

Look into the sample sections of paid writing services

Paid academic content creation sites tend to have sections where they show potential customers what they are capable of for free. You might be able to find a well done literature review sample there. If not, consider having one custom made for you. This service will obviously come at a price but you may prefer the simplicity of this method.

Ask your colleagues

Others in your class may have had more research experience than you in which case they may already have completed literature reviews that you can gain access to if you ask. Look at the previous year’s graduates as well if you know any well enough. If that doesn’t work, reach out via social media and see what comes up.

Request one from your professor

Giving students access to good reviews makes a professor’s life that much simpler. Students who know what they are expected to do will write higher quality work and this becomes much less tedious to correct. Ask your professor to lend you a good sample if he or she hasn’t already volunteered to do so.

With these tips your dissertation will be greatly enhanced.

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