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Make Sure You Have Sources with Business Dissertation Topics

When writing your business dissertation, you are going to be expected to have an adequate number of sources no matter what your topic is. If you are prepared ahead of time and know this is a requirement, it will help you not to choose a topic that has a meagre number of available sources.

Because there are several different kinds of sources, it’s important to have a knowledge of them and know exactly how to use them. Make sure you have spent enough time thinking about your topic, what approach and methodology you plan on using, what some of the important sources will be and how to structure your dissertation.

Secondary sources

These are academic, published works. They could include journal articles, research monographs, published dissertations, essays in collections that have been edited. These sources can give a groundwork to your dissertation. Just as the name implies, a secondary source is one where someone has analyzed, interpreted, cited or evaluated a primary source.

Primary sources

There are a far greater number of places where primary sources can come from. Some examples are newspapers, literary texts, correspondence (published or unpublished), Parliamentary Papers, oral and visual source materials including interviews, memoirs and so on.

Personal documents, speeches, firsthand stories, emails, letters and diaries are also included. Basically a primary source is the original document that was created by a person who was directly involved in the situation or witnessed it.

What purpose do sources serve?

Authors of secondary sources have usually carefully studied many primary sources and then offered up their own analysis of them. It’s important for you to read your primary sources but at the same time, secondary sources can provide a depth of meaning and a more clear understanding of the topic. It’s also important to remember that with secondary sources, you are seeing the analysis through the bias of someone else. There’s no avoiding that.

The best way to use your sources is to have a combination of both primary and secondary sources in your research. This will give the best view of the topic you are studying. Business dissertations rely heavily on source material so make sure you do adequate searching and gathering and analysis of all your sources. You will soon discover a gap in your sources and know exactly where you need to do more searching.

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