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How To Pick Interesting Postgraduate Marketing Dissertation Topics

If you are preparing to write a dissertation, have it in mind that such writing should have something new to add to an already existing material or literature in a given field. It is not an opportunity for you to reverse what is already obtainable in the field but to add to it in a manageable way, especially considering that time and cost are two of the major constraints when working on such academic paper. Now that you know this, let’s move to the main issue which is how to pick an interesting topic for your postgraduate marketing paper.

Making a choice of good or interesting dissertation topic in the field of marketing always proves to be a difficult task among students. It is even more difficult for students who are studying full time as they have to shuttle between studying, writing exams and researching their dissertations. This requires them to plan ahead of time in order to choose topics for their paper. If you fall into any of these categories, listed below are some guidelines or tips that will prove helpful in solving this dilemma. They are:

  • Reflection on past issues: This is a smart method that a lot of students have used to develop good and interesting dissertation topics. Reflect on issues you have discussed or learnt with your peers in the course of your studies. Are there any given subjects or content areas that could trigger ideas which will in turn help you to narrow down research questions and topics? Go ahead and give them a try.
  • Re-read textbooks and papers: It is true that you have gone through a lot of papers and textbooks in the course of your study but now that you are undecided on the topic for your paper, it is time to revisit those books and papers. Re-reading them has the possibility of bringing up information and ideas that will help you formulate interesting dissertation topics.
  • Other sources: Yes, other than discussing with your peers and reading old materials, you can also generate good postgraduate marketing paper topic ideas from reading publications like the Academy of Management Review, the Journal of Management Studies, the Journal of International Business Studies, the Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of Marketing and lots of other current journals. You can also go for journals based on new areas of research that are still being developed.

Finally, you can discuss the chosen dissertation topics with your tutor so that he or she can give you guidance on how to effectively form, outline and also revise same.

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