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A List Of Unused Dissertation Topics On Social Media

Social media have become an important part of our lives. Nowadays, no one can imagine his or her usual day without visiting his or her personal page in Facebook or Twitter. There is no doubt that many students would like to connect their dissertation project with them, since they will be able to investigate an interesting and relatively new area. If you are looking for a list of fresh topics for your dissertation, this article will be of great use to you.

  1. Selfie as a sign of mental disorder.
  2. Can social media cause individualization?
  3. What is the impact of social networking on relationships?
  4. Benefits and drawbacks of business promoting through social media.
  5. The new ways of using social media services.
  6. Is SM good for those who seek employment?
  7. Are there any risks of using SM?
  8. What are the ways to attract the target audience?
  9. What is the impact of mobile technologies on social media?
  10. Are there alternative ways of using SM?
  11. Should children use SM?
  12. What are the ways to react on unsatisfied customers and build trust through SM?
  13. Is it safe to entrust your personal information to SM?
  14. What can make your blog/website successful?
  15. The history of SM: how does it all begin?
  16. The successful content strategies: the ways to draw more customers.
  17. Advantages and disadvantages of working in SM.
  18. Blog writing: actual possibilities and perspectives for the future.
  19. Negative comments on SM: is it easy damage other’s company reputation?
  20. How often are human rights violating through SM?
  21. The effective methods of using Facebook to improve your business.
  22. What are the ways to create a popular company Facebook page?
  23. SM and teenagers: bullying through SM.
  24. Is it important to protect your business in SM?
  25. The major characteristics of social customer relationship management.
  26. Is there any difference in promoting products or services with SM?
  27. What new job positions have been created to due to SM?
  28. How have lives of people changed with the advent of SM?
  29. Advantages and disadvantages of using SM: psychological aspect.
  30. The impact of online harassment: the way to protect yourself.
  31. Can you really make more friends with SM: illusions of SM.
  32. Why people do not post their original photos?
  33. What kind of information do teenagers mostly share and why?
  34. How does SM affect real communication?

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