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Coming Up With Unexplored Thesis Topic Ideas On Computer Science

Computers are in charge of many aspects of our daily life at present. They control our traffic lights, life support machines and may even drive our cars one day. This makes them an important part of our lives and possibly as influential as the invention of the wheel. Still there are difficulties in picking just the right topic in this field such as:

  • The Frequency of Obsolescence
  • Software and hardware are continuously being improved. The rate of change is so fast that new technology can be replaced by something smaller, faster and more attractive with twice the storage in a few months. This means that you could allocate a year to write your thesis on a particular device only to find that it is no longer in use anymore before you finish. Worse yet, you may complete your work and have it become irrelevant in less than a year.

  • The increase in censorship
  • Regarding the internet in particular, there have been cases where censorship has made it difficult to discover some of the applications to which technology can be put. This can put handcuffs on researchers who might otherwise have been able to display their creativity.

  • War time applications
  • Some of the new technology that has been developed is weaponized before it can even be used in education, medicine or leisure. If you as a computer scientist create research which ultimately leads to the deaths of millions, you will have difficulty sleeping at night, good grade or not.

Bearing these in mind, here are a few thesis topics you could consider:

  1. Drone technology and the distance from sniper to target
  2. Planned obsolescence and the new challenges of waste management
  3. The limit: How small can tech get?
  4. Self driving vehicles or train tracks for roadways?
  5. Can robotics eventually remove the needs for both pets and domestic workers?
  6. What are the mathematical odds of a machine rebellion causing the apocalypse?
  7. Should computer science be made more accessible to lay people?
  8. Is coding the new literacy or is the field overrun with neophytes?
  9. Can gaming become the next revolution in education?
  10. Should new devices be made more compatible with their predecessors?

Though these topics may not meet your needs initially, you can always try adjusting them until they feel more in line with your own theories or those of your professor. If need be, you can even try them out for size on a shorter paper.

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