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A List Of Great Thesis Topics: Going Off The Beaten Path

Your thesis project might be one of the most difficult assignments you will ever encounter in your academic career. It will usually require you spend at least a few months researching and writing. But the process can be made simpler if you choose to write on a topic that is genuinely interesting to you and original, instead of a topic that is worn and overly used. Here are some great suggestions:

  1. Gay Marriage – Social, Political and Religious Issues.
  2. Discuss the ways in which gay marriage affects social, political and religious issues in the U.S. How have the views changed in the last half century?

  3. Space Exploration – Scientific, Economic, and Political Issues.
  4. Discuss how space exploration is good or bad for science, economics and politics. Should space exploration be publicly or privately funded?

  5. Arts in Education – Decreased Spending and Effects on Culture.
  6. How are modern and future cultures being affected as a result of decreased spending in the arts in public schools? Is this issue a sign of the times?

  7. Obesity in Adults – Creating Mandatory Health Programs across Schools.
  8. As the number of obese Americans continues to grow, what do studies suggest would happen with increased funding and support for health programs at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels?

  9. Obesity and Health Costs – Social Responsibility or Personal Responsibly.
  10. Is obesity and the associated health costs a social responsibility or is it a personal responsibility? If so, are there other health costs that should be incurred by the public?

  11. Violence in Culture and Society – Violence in Film, Art, Etc., and Freedom of Speech.
  12. Should violence in various cultural and society spaces such as in film or art be monitored and censored or is this a violation of free speech?

  13. Artificial Intelligence – Economic and Social Implications.
  14. What are the economic and social implications of artificial intelligence technology? Do these affect the direction the technology will take?

  15. Drone Technology – Right to Privacy and Misuse of Technology.
  16. As drones are becoming available and affordable to the public, rights of privacy issues begin to arise as anyone can now fly drones over private property. What does this say about misuses of technology and rights to privacy?

  17. Athletes as Role Models – Effects of Minor and Major Crimes Committed.
  18. How athletes are viewed today in society and should crimes committed by athletes be more punishable than the same crimes committed by others who aren’t viewed as role models?

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