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A List Of Powerful Topics To Help You Create A Good Thesis

When you are tasked with writing a thesis, there are many topics that you can choose to cover. The topic you select is important because it can make or break the success of your thesis. Without a great topic, you will be hard pressed to find reliable information that you can use to support your hypothesis or support your arguments. But finding a powerful topic that can help you create a good thesis can be challenging. Below is a list that you can use to help you find a topic which is of interest to you, which you might be able to further refine for the sake of your thesis:

  • Write about the different ways in which dieting programs make people fat and how far too few people understand that their weight can fluctuation daily based on hydration. Many programs today are designed to “leech extra water weight” from the body, even though this practice is actually harmful to the body and results in severe dehydration. Other practices remove all fat which leaves the skin dry and flaky. People also turn to carb-free diets, not recognizing that there are simple and complex carbohydrates, and your body needs the complex ones.
  • Explain how the medical industry works and why it costs so much to go to a hospital and receive care compared to receiving care at home. Explain the hike in prices for things such as aspirin or how a hospital will charge patients for an entire oxygen tank used during surgery, even if the same tank was shared across five patients who underwent surgery.
  • Write about the use of recreational drugs and how it can affect the owners of the location where the drugs were taken as well as anyone who was present at the location when the drugs were taken by just one member.
  • Review the differences between homeschooling among different states. Some states have strict requirements of parents who decide to homeschool their children including the meeting of regular milestones, the attendance of meetings, and the use of proper course books while other states do not require any of this and instead allow parents to teach whatever they want from whatever textbooks they choose. Explain how this is unfair and what can be done to rectify the discrepancies between the education received by the different children

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