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Top dissertation writing tips you should use when crating your paper

When you are crafting your dissertation it is important that you find a topic that interests you. You will be spending quite a bit of time dedicated to this paper and delving into every part of the research available. So it helps to really like the topic. It becomes easier to research and easier to write if you are interested in it. The right dissertation topics are of course based on your field and your specialty within that field. Consider the examples below. For accounting topics you might opt to:

  • Evaluate the success of green accounting with finance departments
  • Analyze the extent to which companies like Microsoft hide their intellectual capital in their financial statements
  • Evaluate the role of audit committees in Saudi Arabia
  • Critically audit the performance of a travel company using SWOT analysis
  • Analyze the further growth of Hotel Chocolate using the Z score analysis
  • Discuss the influence that business education has on the behavior of senior executives
  • Compare international accounting methods
  • Review the financial reporting requirements for non-profit accounting
  • Examine the role of auditors since the financial crisis went international
  • Review the role of accounting ethics with regard to environment and cultural concerns

It is important that you find a topic of interest and that your narrow down your thesis so that it is not so broad that you find yourself swimming in resources and unable to find a clear purpose but also that it is not so narrow that you run out of information just ten pages into your final dissertation. It is best to get your topic approved by your advisor and dissertation committee before you begin the research and writing aspects of the work. This will ensure you are on the right track and that you won’t waste any time with a topic that does not fit with your project requirements.

Find a special work place and stay there. Each time you sit down to work on your dissertation you should go to your work place. This place should have the resources and tools you need to work and should be free from distractions.

Since the dissertation is a long process it is best that you work a little bit each day. Set aside at least one hour every day to work on the project.

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