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Various Methods of Planning and Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation

The doctoral dissertation is a significant writing project. It requires time, energy, focus and a good plan. To achieve this project to the best of your ability you should review different ways you can complete this assignment. You learn about methods that compliment your attributes and you can learn how to create your own plan that will work best for your needs.

Because there are so many ways to plan and write your dissertation, you are sure to figure out something compatible with your schedule. Just keep guidelines and project terms close by for review. The following points offer insight on what students commonly do when preparing to complete their doctoral dissertation.

  • Choose your topic, develop a title, make an outline, make list of sources, and make changes to your plan as you work on your project.
  • Select a topic, define a research question (thesis or main idea), establish research proposal, make research plan, collect data and summarize findings with written draft.
  • Manage time and schedule, review dissertation structure, research topic, construct outline, write draft and make revisions, and conduct final check of written content (proofread and edit).
  • Construct writing plan for dissertation through an outline. The outline may list required sections of your dissertation in order of appearance. You will detail an important point for each area you will further discuss after completing research.
  • Map your dissertation using a concept map. In the middle of the page you start with your topic idea. You draw lines from it with each line being a section your paper will discuss. From each section draw additional lines that include supporting points, evidence and other ideas you want to mention.
  • Make a to-do list. This means you will write down action you will take to get your paper done. This is like a checklist for your project that details what you will do next. You can write down your actions and complete them out of order, but make sure they are all completed and checked off before submission. This will be a comprehensive list that states what you will do such as read guidelines, study sample dissertations, select topic, make list of references and etc.
  • Use a calendar to help you plan actions. On each day you can choose to complete one or a few tasks. You are able to track progress made and see how you are meeting obligations as your deadline approaches.

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