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One of the best ways that you can improve your academic writing skills easily is with mind mapping. When you are creating a mind map it is important that you begin in the center of your page with the main idea. This idea should be displayed in the form of an image. There should also be three colors used, at minimum. Throughout the mind mapping process it is imperative that you incorporate dimensions, codes, images, and symbols. The keywords you select should be printed with a combination of upper case letters and lower case letters. Every subsequent word or image associated with the main word should be placed on its own line which grows from the main image.

All of the lines drawn need to connect. The lines from the center should be the thickest and each line should get thinner as it radiates from the center. Meaning, if you have an second tier associated image branching from the main idea, it should be connected with a line slightly thinner than a keyword associated with the third tier associated image. The lines should each remain the same length as the idea they are supporting. In order to group ideas and utilize visual stimulation you should incorporate many colors in the map. Of course, the process of mind mapping may use the same structure or theory, but it works best when you develop a personal style. You should maintain a clear numerical order, radial hierarchy, or outline to keep organization in the map and you should clearly see emphasis or associations.

Overall, the map presents the same information in a more precise fashion than a list of words and phrases and it allows you to scan and recall information faster.

Mind mapping is a unique process, which is similar to other visualizations but should not be confused with them. Mind mapping differs from a concept map in that a mind map only focuses on one idea or one word unlike concept maps which can focus on a myriad of ideas at once. Additionally, mind mapping is based on a tree-like structure which denotes relationships while concept maps are only based on a diverse pattern connection between ideas.

Mind mapping also differs from modeling graphs in that a mind map is contingent upon mnemonic systems removing a “right” or “wrong”. The semantic network on which the process of modeling graphs is based indicates the relationship between objects with lines and a distinct iconography. Mind mapping differs in that the purpose is to increase memory and aid organization through the structuring of a collection of words in a mental context using visual links, visual mnemonics, color, and icons.

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