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Some common mistakes students do in their PhD theses

Students who get to the important stage of doing their doctorate may find themselves among those who have been unsuccessful in completing their thesis, a dilemma that will weigh heavily on their final grade average. Important college and university faculties will be involved in reviewing your thesis, so this can be a pressurizing time for many students over whose heads this task hangs.

If you’re entering this elaborate world of study, take note of some of the most common mistakes made during the vital writing process.


Countless PhD students think that twelve months is more than enough time to complete their thesis. But the truth is that is takes twelve months (in amongst college life) to complete something as monumental as a doctoral paper. This error of thought has defeated many a good student whose intentions were good, but their time management lacking.

Too broad a topic

Students who actually get to the writing of their thesis often make the mistake of not narrowing down their topic. Concentrating on a particular avenue of discussion will often win a better review, because there’s less of a chance of important details being left out. When a topic is too broad, the student will struggle to include all the elements that pertain to the discussion and the dissertation ends up being too non-specific in general.

An inaccurate bibliography

Depending on the requirements, students often misunderstand the bibliography section of their paper. This stems from an unwillingness to ask until they fully understand the criteria. A bibliography has many fine aspects that need to be adhered to. If these are not included, the whole paper will suffer.

Timeless repetition

When a student gets to choose his or her thesis topic, a major error that’s often made is to select something that’s not original. Your thesis must reflect a little part of you, so if it’s been done before, avoid it and go for something a bit different.

Bad English

Horrible spelling, misuse of punctuation marks and bad grammar are all factors that lead to a thesis not even being considered for reading. Your professor and other important readers will loathe the chance to read something that has not been written using acceptable English. Editing a thesis is an often neglected practise, but this can be easily overcome by submitting it to an editing service for finalization, during which process all language mistakes will be corrected.

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