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The Top 10 Best Project Management Dissertation Ideas

Your dissertation is a big deal. It is designed to turn you from a student to a scholar in your field. For many students, it is the hardest and most time consuming process they have had to endure to date. When you are starting the process, you will need to first get your topic approved by the board. They will ensure that you will be able to find enough information on the topic that you are choosing to write a successful paper.

Coming up with a topic to write about can be difficult. You will want to take the top best ideas and use them to create a solid topic. You will need to apply one of these ideas to a specific area, region, business, or industry to narrow it down so that it is unique. You have to write your paper on a unique topic. It will help you learn what is needed to succeed.

  1. Emergence of online and print media services: effects on the overall industry
  2. Building your project management skills: a look at current and past practices
  3. Lessons in innovation evidence: an opinion from a project manager
  4. Building an effective communication strategy: plan for a Project Management Organization
  5. New trends in the industry
  6. Links between project management and Obamacare
  7. Improved success through project management training
  8. Driving success through understanding the industry’s processes
  9. Turning a legal profession into a business through proper management
  10. Why project managers are in such high demand

Choose one of these topics and then start doing some research to find a focus. You will want to be very specific with this type of paper so you will have to apply these ideas and concepts to a real organization or age group or area. The more information that you find on the topic, the easier it will be to start to develop a solid and final topic to write your paper on. This list will get you at least half way. It wouldn’t make any sense to give you a list of an already developed topic because you would have no way of knowing if it was unique because a bunch of people could have been reading this same article and chose the same topic to write about. Make one of these topics your own by applying it to the company of your choice.

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