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What Is A Dissertation In Education And How To Write It?

A dissertation or a thesis is a special document that contains a research work on a specific topic. Different countries, cities, universities or even programs may require different complexities of the work. Usually a thesis tends to be the most difficult part of the undergraduate program.

Useful Tips for Writing a Dissertation

There are some basic rules about writing a good thesis:

  • Follow the structure.
  • Different universities may have differences in structure but usually it contains the following parts:

    • introduction, where the writer introduces the topic of his or her thesis;
    • a literature review, where the student summarizes all the sources that he or she used for the work;
    • a methodology chapter, where the author explains the reasons he or she is using certain methods;
    • an analysis, where the student shows the actual results that he or she got. The conclusion usually ends the paper.
  • Use the correct style.
  • It is important to find out which style is correct in the certain university. In the past, all the projects were supposed to be written in the third person in the passive voice. But now the situation has changed and many institutions require the works to be in the first person and in the active voice. The supervisor would be the best help at this point.

  • Make sure that you have a good supervisor.
  • In most universities the students can choose the supervisors themselves so it’s crucial to find the right ones. The supervisor or advisor is the part of thesis committee and he or she supervises the student’s work on each stage and help him or her achieve the best result possible. It doesn’t mean that the supervisor will write the dissertation or tell exactly how to do it though. The student can change the advisor along the way if he or she wants to.

  • Proof-read the work.
  • After finishing the work it’s crucial to proof-read the result and make sure that there are no spelling and other mistakes. A good idea is to re-read the paper the next morning or at least after having a rest to make sure that the person isn’t tired.

What to Expect after Finishing the Thesis?

Many universities require the oral examination after finishing the work. Usually it means a student’s presentation about the key points of the thesis. In the end of such an examination, the jury or the committee may ask some questions according to the paper. Such an examination is often called “viva voce”.

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