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Can I Get A PhD Degree Without Writing A Dissertation?

When you are completing your doctoral degree, the dissertation it how you prove to your peers that you have what it takes to get you PhD.  This requires months or even years of work to complete, but is there a way that you can get you PhD without have to write one?  The short answer is no but you could get an honorary doctorate degree for your achievements over a lifetime if they have benefited the community, the nation, or just humanity in general. 

Honorary Doctorate Degrees

  • This first doctorial that you can achieve without doing a dissertation is a Doctor of Science. This is awarded to men or women that have showed excellence through a scientific discovery or breakthrough research.  This is usually given to someone that has made advancement in science. 
  • Another is a Doctor of Humanities. This is given to people that have been a role model and given back to the community.  This person excels at putting others first. 
  • Next, you can get a Doctor of Laws. To be eligible for this you have to be a professional in law. 
  • The Doctor of Divinity is given to an individual in the field of religion that has shown exemplary service to others.
  • The Doctor of Fine Arts is the one most given to celebrities like artists, actors, and musicians.  This award is given to them for making a difference in the world.
  • Lastly, we have the Doctor of Literature that is given to journalists and authors that have done extraordinary works that have touched others.

So Can You Get A PhD Without Doing A Dissertation?

The answer is yes and no in that it takes an exemplary human being to receive an honorary doctorate.  Getting your PhD is a high honor and when you get something like this, you have to earn it.  You can’t get away with not doing something extraordinary without work.  Even to get an honorary doctoral degree you have to go through a lengthy process. 

First, you have to be nominated and write a biography on yourself.  You have to go through a selection process that has hundreds of nominees.  If you are picked, most schools expect you to make a large donation to the school.  So, after all of that, I think it would be just as easy to write you dissertation and get you PhD.  Either way you are going to have to work hard to earn it. 

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