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Tips for the Writers: Selecting Business Dissertation Topics

There are many topics you can choose from for your business dissertation. This is exactly why choosing the one that will have the most impact is so difficult. This piece of academic writing must be relevant and interesting, so you will need to research the subject thoroughly.

Start with studying business news and reading through some popular specialized magazines. This will give you some idea of what is considered “hot topic” in the business world today.

Do not forget that everything changes very fast in our world, so you must not only determine relevant topics, but also try to predict what issues will be most important in the nearest future. It will take you some months to write the dissertation and a bit more time to start looking for a job. It’s imperative that the topic you choose remains relevant over this period of time.

    The most common topics of business dissertations revolve around the following issues:

  • Business ethics
  • Management theories and techniques
  • International business strategies
  • Study of consumer behavior
  • Business and marketing case studies
  • Designing of business plans

Where to Get Ideas?

Being original is a necessary requirement for a good business dissertation topic. There are several places where you can look for inspirational ideas:

  • Libraries
  • Books have always been a source of great knowledge. Librarians can give you some very interesting and unorthodox pointers to help with your research.

  • College archives
  • Looking through the dissertations written by other students can give you some ideas. This will need to be a part of your research regardless of whether you already have a topic or not, because you will need to make sure that your dissertation offers unique perspective.

  • Online forums
  • There are many forums where experienced business professionals meet and discuss various important topics. They are often open and willing to offer some advice to students. Discussing the subject with people who have been working in the field for several years will provide you with a different point of view.

Do not forget that educational institutions have different requirements. Therefore, you will need to study the guidelines that your dissertation must follow. You will also need to consult your professor to be sure that you understand all of them correctly.

You will need to conduct extensive research for your dissertation to be truly relevant. Search for sources in the same manner you looked for topic ideas. There are some interesting facts hidden in the most unexpected places. Studying various unorthodox sources will also provide you with new angles that you can explore to enhance the impact your work will make.

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