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Academic writing-creating good concluding paragraphs

We've all seen a movie where we've come away satisfied because everything was wrapped up neatly at the end. You could say that the movie had a great conclusion. The same aim should apply to all of your academic writing. No matter how well you choose the topic, how well you research the information to use in your academic writing, no matter how well you write it and keep to the formula stipulated, and no matter how well you edit it and check it, without a good conclusion your academic writing could fail. Or at least it could attract a lower score.

So what are the characteristics of a good conclusion?

  • it wraps up your essay
  • it proves your theory
  • it leads the reader feeling satisfied
  • it proves you knew the process of writing
  • it becomes the ideal ending

During the whole of your essay, and all of your academic writing, you've gone through different stages. The reader knows what the introduction is and they certainly know what the various fact paragraphs are. The same feeling of certainty, of knowing exactly where they are, should apply when they read your conclusion. Good concluding paragraphs have a real ring of finality about them. The reader knows exactly where they are in the reading process.

You will have stated your thesis statement very early on in your academic writing. You will have gone about proving the theory of your thesis statement throughout the body of your writing. By the time you come to the concluding paragraphs you must be able to demonstrate that your theory is correct.

Whether you are watching a movie or reading a book, when you come to the end the most enjoyment you get from your activity is a feeling of satisfaction. Yes, the ending is what it should be. It has been set up throughout the academic writing and reached a correct and enjoyable conclusion. That is the aim of your concluding paragraphs.

Throughout the writing of this essay you have worked through a number of steps. You can prove to the reader that you understand all of these steps and that you have taken them adequately and professionally by the wording of your concluding paragraphs.

Every piece of academic writing has to have a conclusion. There might be variations in a conclusion but the one you choose should be the ideal ending.

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