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Good dissertation topics that will absolutely come in handy

The thing about a dissertation is that it is not an essay you can knock up in half an hour. Whether you are an undergraduate or this is for post graduate studies, a dissertation is a major undertaking in anyone's language. Certainly the choice of topic is all-important and should never be rushed. Later in this article I will explain three solid steps you can take to help choose a really good thesis title.

The usual things still apply. If it is a topic in which you have experience or expertise then that is certainly good. Likewise if the topic is something about which you have enthusiasm or a passion, then that is even better. The more you like the dissertation topic, the more you want to write that particular dissertation, the better your research and writing will be.

As you go along through your academic life, it's always a good idea to keep a file of good dissertation topics you meet along the way. You may not ever get to write a dissertation on the topic but when the inspiration strikes and a great idea springs to mind file it somewhere safe and easy to access. You never know when you might want to write a dissertation on the topic.

Three basic steps to help you decide on a good dissertation topic:

  • Is it interesting?
  • Is it relevant?
  • Is it manageable?

Now I've already mentioned the importance of you choosing a topic which you find interesting and that still stands. But the next question is about whether or not the dissertation topic will be interesting to the reader. Just because you think it's an excellent dissertation topic doesn't mean anyone else will. So apply the blowtorch to your selection and ask yourself if you believe it will be interesting to those who read your dissertation.

When we talk about the relevance of a dissertation topic, we mean in relation to what you are studying. It makes common sense and darn good sense that the dissertation topic you choose is relevant to the subject or subjects in which you have taken a major. Think about it for a moment. You spend a year or more studying a particular subject so it's therefore sensible and relevant that your good dissertation topic will be related to your studies.

And finally you want to be sure that you can control your dissertation. Some students choose a topic without realizing the scope of their topic and the consequent thesis statement. You need something which has reasonable boundaries, which will enable you to go into the subject in detail but without being swamped with information.

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