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How to make the process of choosing thesis statement topics go faster

When you are writing a thesis, the thesis statement topic is paramount. You must choose a topic long before you can begin writing or crafting the perfect thesis statement. Once you select the topic for your paper, you will be well on your way to engaging in proper research and writing a top notch report. But where to begin…

Choosing your thesis topic is not as difficult and arduous a process as you might think. By following the steps below you can make this process a breeze:

  1. Choose something you love. Consider selecting a variety of topics that you have a passion for. IF you love internal business affairs and you love cars, you can list both as possible topics and then see if there is some connection to be made between the two. This is a good place to start because writing about something for which you have a passion means you have significantly less research to do. Why? Because you know it. If you are already familiar with government regulations for internal affairs in the financial sector, you will not have to conduct research for the introduction or the history or background section. And if you do, you will already know where to look for said information. It is likely that you have engaged in multiple discussions or written previous papers about the topic before which will also help your research and writing. Writing about what you know makes the process faster. You literally type faster because your brain already knows what it wants to say.
  2. Brainstorm when you are tired. Your brain naturally censors itself, but when you are tired this process does not take place. This means that you will be more creative when you brainstorm at night or when you are particularly tired. Your mind will not censor creative thoughts and you will find that there are many options from which to choose when you begin writing the next day or later that day.
  3. Once you decide on the topic, you need to narrow it down to a particular thesis. This is best done through free writing. You can free write and gather all of the thoughts you have related to the topic, looking for inspiration from what you created during your free write session. You can then create an outline that puts your free write thoughts into a more cohesive paper that flows.

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