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Writing a Nutrition Dissertation: Ideas for Your Paper

Graduate and postgraduate students often have to prepare dissertations, especially if they major in nutritional sciences. Dissertation writing is a challenging task; it makes sense to improve your skills and gain new knowledge through research. Good ideas for your paper are always helpful, so study some examples of food and nutrition dissertation topics below.

  1. Evaluate short-term health effects of a diet consisting of a single dish; e.g. pancakes, soup, or burgers:

    Many children, especially autistic ones, choose to eat only one type of food for some time. It is interesting to consider the possible effects of such a diet on a child’s health. The experimental part of the research includes the observation of a group of individuals who consume the same kinds of meals for a month. Later, the researcher can find out whether there are any positive or negative changes in anyone’s physical and mental health caused by this diet.

  2. Examine the contents of school lunchboxes to improve children’s nutritional intakes:

    The contents of lunchboxes are different all around the world. However, in some countries, the governments and health care organizations try to ban packed lunches in order to improve children’s health. The problem is often caused by fast food, which is an essential part of school lunches. Everyone knows that fast food is unhealthy; moreover, it does not provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for children. Therefore, it is important to find out how exactly school lunches influence children’s health and what can be done in order to improve the situations.

  3. Study if there are benefits of eating products from organic farms:

    Today, many people consider organic food healthier, but is it really so? What is the difference between a chicken from an organic farm and a traditional one? Can you grow organic food in your backyard? There are many products that you can study to find out whether it makes sense to pay more for organic food. You can focus your research on the quality of organic food and its affordability.

  4. Find out if there are relationships between a specific diet, obesity, and social classes:

    Some studies have shown that lower socio-economic groups are more susceptible to obesity than the upper medium class. It is interesting to conduct a research to find the reasons why each individual chooses a certain diet, and how it correlates with his or her income. This research involves gathering statistical data and conducting a correlation analysis.

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