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Looking For Well-Written Thesis Examples: A Guide For Students

We scrutinize and probe every little thing in our life; there is absolutely no way why we should be satisfied with dross examples of something as important as a dissertation or thesis. In order to seek some best examples, you should outline your search over these pragmatic tips:

It should begin with a bang- The introduction should reflect what your whole thesis has to offer. You must use a cogent tone while explaining the benefits of the topic.

Look for a conspicuous hypothesis-It is usually after the introduction you will locate those firm lines indicating the target of the whole paper. This serves as the powerhouse of the thesis. A great hypothesis will have a clear view of the entire work.

Look for a cohesive approach to the paper- A paper must be well integrated. The rationale of the paper must not be complicated. Every term should be carefully defined. Counter-points must be attended to. Most importantly a good paper must abide by a certain heirarchy of categories and sub-categories. The order should synchronise with the writer's mind.

Be careful not to plagiarize- A good thesis would reek of originality. Without innovation and authenticity a thesis paper looses its scope. It either becomes a review report or a fatuous attempt that will never get considered.

A sense of direction is must- A well-written paper must bespeak a student's mastery of the topic's subject. The content should branch out to deal with several issues but cannot loose it's way. A good paper is never detached from the hypothesis or irrelevant. It should commence with a certain claim and end with its solution.

A sound technical section- It is further enhanced with the presence of graphs, charts, diagrams, flowchart etc. Including visual aids is crucial to a paper and this gives you an idea how to settle things up.

Look out for a rock solid reference list- The literature review especially tells how much you have gained knowledge by reading books, journals etc over the years thus citing sources becomes imperative. The reference list or the bibliography is a proof that the thesis is not some castle in the air but a strong fort.

You can also refer to “How to write a better thesis” by Gruba and Evans or Eviatar Zaruvabel’s “The Clockwork Muse: A Practical Guide to Writing Theses, Dissertations and Books”.

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