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Crafting A Master’s Dissertation: How To Structure It In A Proper Way

A master’s dissertation has so many parts that it’s hard to tell what goes where and what goes in each section.  Each section of your master’s dissertation is very important to your research because your dissertation is a detailed work of all the information on a new finding in your field of study and you want it to be well written.

How To Structure Your Master’s Dissertation

This is a detailed break down of all the sections that you need in your master’s dissertation.

  • Title Page:  Title pages vary from school to school but most have your title, name, and degree that you are pursuing.  You will want to check with your school to know the specifics of what is required.
  • Abstract:  This is a brief summary of the work that is in your dissertation, it should state the problem, tell about your methods for investigation, and have a simple conclusion.  This section should be around three hundred and fifty words.
  • Preface: This is the introduction to your dissertation, here you tell the reader what degree you are pursuing and explain why you decided to do this research and any other information that you think they should know before they reader your dissertation.  Some times this is not required but check with you school to see if you need one.
  • Table Of contents: So your dissertation is easier to maneuver through you want to tell the reader where they can find different sections.
  • List Of Tables:  If you have tables they go here.
  • List Of Figures:  The figures go here if you have them.
  • List Of Illustrations:  All of the pictures in your dissertation go here.
  • List Of Symbols:  If you have symbols in your dissertation, list them here with what they mean, so it makes it easier to identify them in your dissertation.
  • Glossary:  List all of the terms in your dissertation here, this makes understanding them easier and in some schools this is optional.
  • Acknowledgements: This is also an optional section; this thanks all of the people that helped you during the crafting of your dissertation.  And after that is the dedication, which is also optional.
  • Body:  The body of your text starts here, which includes your introduction, research chapters, and conclusion.
  • Bibliography Or References:  This is required part of your dissertation and cites all the research that you did on your dissertation.
  • Appendices:  This is where you list additional research, questionnaires or surveys that you used for you research.

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