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What Is The Right Format For My PhD Thesis?

PhD thesis writing is considered a very daunting task as the writer has to meet a lot of requirements. A lot of marks are allotted for the thesis writing and the writer has to meet all the quality standards regarding the writing and the research process.

Format for writing a quality PhD thesis:

Following are the main sections of the PhD thesis with a brief description:

  • Title Page – The title page of the PhD thesis should contain the title of your thesis, your name, your supervisor name, your institution name and the date of submission.
  • Abstract – Abstract is the raw idea which doesn’t have any physical existence until you research it and present in the main body of your thesis. The abstract is normally of one page and it should ideally have the keywords that are closely related to your title.
  • Table of contents – Contains the list of all the sections, chapters and sub topics of your thesis along with the page numbers.
  • List of tables – The list of tables contains the list of all the tables that you have in your thesis along with their page numbers.
  • List of figures – The list of figures contains the list of all the figures that you have in your thesis along with their page numbers.
  • Abbreviations – The abbreviation page contains all the abbreviations along with their full form that you have used in your thesis.
  • Acknowledgements – It contains the list of all those individuals, groups or institutions that you wish to acknowledge in the writing of your thesis.
  • Introduction – It contains the detailed introduction of your thesis topic covering the background of the research. It also contains your research problem and hypothesis.
  • Literature review – It contains the critical points discussed in detail which are relevant to your research topic.
  • Methodology – It includes what methodology you have used for the purpose of your PhD research.
  • Analysis of data – Here you analyze your data and present it in the written form.
  • Conclusions and Implications – The PhD thesis has a detailed conclusion where you discuss all the limitations of your thesis and the implication for the theory adopted.
  • Bibliography – It contains all the key terms used in your thesis.
  • Appendices – it contains any extra things such as a questionnaire that you used for your survey or research.

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