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A List Of Great Dissertation Topics In Business Management

Writing a dissertation topic on Business Management is time consuming and efforts demanding without which you cannot get your MBA degree. If you are tired whining about the topic, check out some startling areas on which you can write on. Below mentioned topic will save your time on thinking and will prove to be very helpful.

The dissertation topics on Business Management:

  • Elevating the standards of International Corporations with efficient managers: Talk about how managers can inculcate the innovative qualities in their employees and make their company grow. How business strategies, global business environment etc can be made rich?
  • Talk about the intercultural differences employed by Human Resource Practices? Discuss the policies.
  • How Visa and Master card facilitates international transactions: Talk about its benefits and drawbacks and impacts on growth of business.
  • Role of Social networking sites and growth of healthy environment in business: Discuss it by taking example of Apple Inc.
  • Can reputation building possible through friendly employees- How? Is it integral part of any business?
  • How corporate policies gear private growth and assist in economic expansion? Discuss the statement with data, and real life branded company examples.
  • Measure and estimate the relationship between corporate financial performance and social responsibilities. Take examples from past and evaluate its pros and cons.
  • Reasons of CSR an integral part of business strategies. Discuss it in respect of renowned business leaders and describe your opinion by taking the example of Nike.
  • Write your dissertation topic on consumer expectations in respect of shareholder and stakeholder. Evaluate the CSR models in context of corporate philanthropy.
  • Discuss the case of Microsoft. State how government can inhibit monopoly formulations to eradicate unfair practices of huge corporations.
  • Assess Health Care reforms of Obama: Are intentions fruitful to force healthcare costs for huge corporations and government sectors saving insurance company‚Äôs profits employing viable strategies.
  • What organizations need to focus on to create effective corporate strategies? Discuss the points with various types of policies as a part of the structure.
  • Evaluate Lantern model with a systematic approach. How it can lead to successful leadership development.
  • Discuss the micro and macro leadership in terms of leadership development. How sustained competitive environment can be maintained?
  • Examine the paradigm of leadership in respect of multiple leaders. Follow the concept of organizational leadership in terms of chain of demand. How it is different from traditional leadership chain.

Write your dissertation topics following the parameters of your professor and stick to the guidelines religiously.

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