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A List Of The Most Interesting Dissertation Topics On Judaism

Writing a dissertation will probably be the biggest project you’ll ever work on. When writing it and researching for it, you might feel frustrated or overwhelmed with all of the work. That’s why it’s key to start with a great topic idea. Whether you’re writing about Judaism or any other subject matter, you need something solid you can find plenty of sources to back up and that you have an interest in. It might not seem like it to you as you’re writing it, but a professor can tell whether or not you’re passionate about what you’re working on. It will show through the words that you choose and your ease at getting the work done.

Dissertation topics for Judaism

Here are some great ideas that can get you started. Remember, you can use any of these as they are, or simply as a place to start brainstorming more from. It’s a good way to get your brain thinking about what you want to write, and to discover what you’re really good at.

  • Different names for God and what they mean
  • How miracles happen and why they’re significant
  • Good and evil in human nature
  • Rewards and punishments in the afterlife
  • Justice and mercy: qualities of God
  • How repentance works with sin and the atonement

Once you have a topic idea decided, you can begin working. It’s a lot easier to become focused and stay on track if you have a solid topic you’re passionate about. Think about the aspects of Judaism that interest you, and what you’d like to research for this project. You should make sure to speak to your dissertation advisor if you’re struggling with any part of your dissertation. Part of the way writing a thesis works is you need structure and a plan for the writing.

Writing a dissertation on Judaism

Doing the actual writing part may be a big job, but you can do it if you follow the instructions from your professor. It makes things easier to have everything organized ahead of time. You can do this by making sure you have all your research materials and notes readily available at whatever workspace you choose to write in. This could be at your house, the school’s library, even a public café or in a park. Sometimes you need to be alone and have quiet in order to concentrate on your work.

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