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Creative Ideas For Students: The Top 15 Dissertation Topics In Geography

Geography contains elements of many other sciences in order to fully explain features of the world we live in. Topic selection in this way becomes both simple and complex as the dearth of potential ideas may be a bit intimidating. Start off by understanding the following before you begin working on your dissertation:

  • What your professor expects your work to reflect
  • The restrictions on you in terms of time and other resources
  • The most commonly chosen topics (so that you can veer from these and be original)
  • Your area of interest in the field or subspecialty
  • The likelihood of other coursework unexpectedly placing demands on your schedule

Some of the above may be difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy. As much as you are able, learn the answers and you will be able to begin the brainstorming process that could lead you to the right idea. The topics listed below represent some of the concepts you might look into after this type of analysis:

  1. Unfortunate location: The series of geographical phenomena that led to the location known as the Bermuda Triangle
  2. Water worlds: A discourse on the geographical features common to both land and seascape
  3. Oil, Gas and Earth: How the natural pressures of the planet on organic material could one day make fossil fuels renewable
  4. Galapagos: The rich unique topography of this famous chain of islands
  5. The geographical reasons for modern political instability and conflict
  6. Terraforming through architecture: how green building techniques rehabilitate previously desertified regions
  7. How Plate tectonics could reshape the surface of the planet over the next millennia
  8. Plotting the course of the Amazon: How ancient cultures made sense of their surroundings
  9. Radical solutions: how human intervention could reverse the destructive storm patterns caused by climate change
  10. Planet onion: the layers of the earth divided and subdivided into infinity
  11. Warming oceans: Using the sea to reduce heating bills in areas further inland
  12. Hidden view: Secrets of the Marinas trench
  13. La Brea: How tar pits form and the science behind the world’s largest naturally occurring asphalt deposit
  14. When Limestone met Water: The making of an underwater caving system
  15. Centre of a molten world: Volcanic structures as seen from the inside

You may need to spend a few days really looking into your options to pick the right one but in the end your dissertation will benefit from your extra effort.

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