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Why writing a thesis is an important part of your academic career

Writing a thesis can seem like a huge hurdle to overcome in your studies. However, a thesis can be an important part of your academic career and can actually be quite the transformative experience.

Knowledge About The Academic Process

Completing a thesis gives you in depth knowledge about the academic process. You will get up close and personal about the process of completing a thesis. This includes the difficulties and challenges that students have to overcome when completing a thesis. It also includes understanding the way a thesis works in an academic department. For example, some academic departments require you to give a lecture to the public about your thesis and to present your findings to the public so that they can ask questions that you will need to be able to answer. Other academic programs only require you to write a 50 page (or so) thesis that is approved of by one or two professors before it is considered complete. Other academic programs may even require that the thesis be defended in front of a panel of academics. Each of these processes is unique. And if you decide to go into academia then you will be equipped with the knowledge of how a thesis is completed in your academic department at your school. However, it’s important to take into account that thesis requirements can vary depending on the academic institution. So it’s always smart to familiarize yourself with the broad range of thesis types completed at your school.

Makes You A Better Professional

Completing a thesis can make you a better professional. This occurs for a variety of reasons. First, you gain more compassion for what other professionals have had to endure to complete a thesis. It gives you a degree of respect for the work that others have put into their studies. But it also gives others respect for the process that you’ve worked through. When other people know that you’ve written a thesis it can impress upon them that you have a variety of positive character traits. Furthermore, completing a thesis can tell yourself that you have many of these positive traits.

Some of the traits that are associated with completing a thesis are:

  • That you are responsible
  • That you can follow directions
  • That you have follow through and complete what you start
  • That you are dependable
  • That you are persistent
  • That you have tenacity
  • That you are hard working

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