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Where to Get a Vivid Example of a Successful Thesis Topic

In the vast majority of cases, students are given a lot of freedom in choosing their thesis topics. Your main concern in this case is to take a clearly defined view of some issue, and prove it with logical arguments that are supported by evidence you discover through research. This means that you must do said research before you make your final decision on the topic.

If you need an example of a good thesis topic, you should search online. Many colleges post the lists of their students’ thesis topics on their websites. There are also databases where you can find plenty of similar materials, as well as examples of theses. If you want to find something unique, you can consult a professional writer that you may contact through a custom writing service. These people work with academic papers every day and will offer sound advice.

Thesis Topic Ideas

  • How does peer pressure in high school influence girls?

    Many girls change their looks and habits in order to “fit in” with their peers. Others go out of their way to reject the pressure and stand out. Your thesis should identify the reasons that make people behave this way, and estimate the consequences of this kind of behavior. Does it change the person for life?

    You will also need to look into the subject of bullying, and its effects on personal development.

  • Are the existing punishments for animal abusers adequate?

    In this paper, you will need to list the laws against animal abuse that already exist in your chosen region, and explain the punishments offenders are subjected to under these laws. Estimate how this affects the abusers’ lives. Is it enough to stop them, or will this just fuel their aggressions further? Will making the laws more severe improve the situation?

    You will also need to offer your ideas on how to reduce animal abuse, and how to improve the methods used to prevent these crimes.

  • Is the number of anti-depressant prescriptions in America too big?

    The U.S. takes first place in the world, with the highest number of anti-depressant prescriptions. What does this say about the country? Are Americans too reliant on drugs? How can these medications be replaced with other treatment methods?

    Assess the effects this number of drug prescriptions has on society as a whole. Do not forget to mention the impact such a high demand has on the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • How to improve the American prison system.

    Assess the current system and identify its faults. Study how the prisons in other countries operate, and determine what methods can be adopted in order to improve the U.S. system.

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