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Both a dissertation and a thesis are big projects and require much of your time, effort and attention to turn out good. If you’re busy with other classes, work or family, you might worry how you’ll get these finished on time. Most students do deal with many outside distractions and time constraints, but that doesn’t mean you have to be frustrated and have a hard time writing your dissertation or thesis. With the right preparation and method for working, you can have your thesis done fast and without a lot of stress. Keep reading to find out more.

Preparing to Write a Dissertation or Thesis

The best first step is brainstorming. Take out a piece of paper and a pen and possibly get a friend to bounce ideas off of. Write down your topic in the middle of the paper and then draw lines coming out of it leading to other words. Write anything you can possibly think of related to your topic, and even things that are only vaguely relevant. If you do have a friend to do this with, say the words out loud and they can shout out another idea when they have one. If you need to, use more than one piece of paper.

Writing your Dissertation or Thesis

After your brainstorming session, go through each word and decide if that can be a subtopic worthy of a chapter title. Divide all of your ideas into chapters and choose which words are important enough to be the titles.

Here are some of the ways you can organize your ideas:

  • By date
  • By relevance to main topic
  • By an order of steps
  • By importance, ascending or descending
  • By the way a published dissertation ordered theirs
  • By standards in the industry

After you’ve laid out the chapters and their order, you can start to write! Think back to your brainstorming list as you fill in the ideas and expand on them. Now is the time to do most of your research and add it into the first draft, too.

Editing a Dissertation or Thesis

The final step is polishing up that rough draft. Everybody writes bad first drafts, and it’s just because you’re getting the ideas out of your head in their creative, unfiltered forms. Once they’re birthed into the world you can sit down with a red pen and a friend or your advisor, and mark changes and improvements.

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