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Things you should do before thesis submission

The hard part is done, and now you just need to check over last minute things before handing in your thesis. What should you do? It’s quite simple, after all the research, writing and editing, you just have to make sure things are consistent and following the rules of your university. The headings and bullets below will give you an idea of the most important things to check and how to fix them. As you’re going through the thesis, obviously you can correct other mistakes if you spot them. Having another person go over everything with you, whether it’s your advisor, spouse or a friend, will make a huge positive difference. Consider letting someone you trust in on your finishing touches.


  1. Even if you’ve already proof read your thesis, do it again, it won’t hurt
  2. Get another set of eyes that hasn’t read it yet


  1. Check text for the general tone and important information included in your introduction and conclusion
  2. Did you make a relevant introduction and conclusion for each chapter?
  3. Write the acknowledgements and make sure you don’t forget anyone important

Numbers and Figures

  1. Check for the quality of the images
  2. Do the colors/symbols on the diagram match the legend?
  3. Are the figures easy to understand in both color and b/w?
  4. Make sure tables have units and display properly


  1. Don’t bother that much with formatting
  2. Make sure hyperlinked references are linked to the right source
  3. Update statuses of ‘in press’ or ‘accepted for publication’ texts

Now it’s time to hand in your thesis. Good job! You’ve worked very hard on this, and deserve the recognition for it. Checking these last things will make you seem more professional and dissolve anything that might distract the reader from your message. Being completely error free (or as free of mistakes as possible) is one thing that your advisor will deem very important.

Finishing a thesis is a huge accomplishment, and you don’t want your success undermined by a few typos, figure errors, or wrong links in the bibliography. After checking all of these things, your work will be ready to go out into the world and pave the way for your career. An amazing thesis is a good thing, but a perfectly proofread and consistent thesis sends a very good impression of you, which is essential.

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