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How to Find a Free Dissertation Example: A Few Useful Tricks

Writing a dissertation can lead to quite a few headaches. Countless hours are spent in libraries and in front of a computer screen trying to eke out as many words and original thoughts as is possible in the few months you have devoted to completing this monumental task. Then on top of all of this comes the part of properly formatting your dissertation so that it’s accepted by the review committee and you receive the Ph.D. you’ve worked so hard to earn. It’s no surprise then that so many graduate students turn to free dissertation examples to compare their own work with. Here are a few useful tricks to finding some quality examples at no cost:

Ask Your Advisor for Samples:

Your first bet is to check with your academic dissertation advisor for free examples. Your advisor, and to a great extent the review committee, want you find success in academia and will make every resource available to you. Most academic advisors will have about five years’ worth of student example papers. If your advisor has remained in the same discipline, he or she will be able to procure a sample paper that follows the exact format you need.

Browse Your Library’s Databases:

Your university library will have access to dozens of network databases that bring published dissertations directly to you. All you need is your university library account to browse thousands of recently approved dissertations in order to find the perfect samples within your discipline that you can check out, print and keep in front of you as you write and format your own work.

Visit Online Forums and Chatrooms:

Another great idea is to ask former students directly. There are several academic based forums and chatrooms where you can find graduate students who are conducting research for their own dissertations and are happy to provide you with any dissertation samples they have collected to guide them with their own writing. Visiting these kinds of websites also helps you network with students that may prove to be useful in your professional career for years to come.

Check Academic Journals:

Don’t forget to get a little research in while you are looking for a free sample dissertation. Some academic journals will print whole dissertations in special issues dealing with a single topic. These may be a little harder to find though, but if you are lucky enough to find one on your topic then you can get a head start on some much needed research.

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