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English Dissertation Ideas: Problems to Analyze

English dissertation

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. Whether it is in your mother tongue and you feel comfortable that you will not have a problem with this subject. The problem actually is that you take it too easy. If you do not take your dissertation seriously, you will never be able to write it with success. You need to give proper attention and time to your dissertation if you want it to be approved by the dissertation committee. English is an easy subject as compared to anthropology or geography or chemistry for that matter. However, the thing about language subjects is that they need excellent composition and deep research. They are not like other subjects and it is hard to find good samples for such dissertations.

Why students need to write dissertations

Many students hate the fact that they have to write a thesis to get their degree or to be qualified as a doctor or even a graduate. However, to achieve something you have to go through certain process and meet certain requirements. One cannot simply become a graduate by cramming some books and passing the exams. It is more about your analytical skills, your ability to carry out research, your perception about the subject, and the way you deal with certain problems. It is a standard almost in all the institutions around the world for getting an advanced level degree. The graduates have to enter the job market and the institutions make sure only the best individual make it to the top industries. You do not have to be over smart or genius to be able to write a dissertation. Rather an average student who stays consistent, works hard and knows his direction will be able to complete a dissertation.

How to identify a problem for your dissertation

Every dissertation deals with a certain problem. The student first needs to think about a problem and then address it in his dissertation. On the other hand, you can have a solution in your mind and self create a problem for it. Here is how you analyze problems in your paper.

How to address the problem

  • Research for the solutions
  • Primary and secondary methods
  • Analyze your result findings
  • Write solutions on a separate notebook
  • Compare and evaluate your findings
  • Relate your findings to the topic
  • Choose the best solution
  • Carry out further research
  • Write your dissertation
  • Proof read your dissertation
  • Check the overall direction of your paper

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