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How to Complete a Doctoral Dissertation in Less Than 6 Months

For some people writing a doctoral dissertation is a seriously major undertaking and for some people this can mean a commitment of years rather than months. But there are students who have completed a doctoral dissertation in less than six months. How did they do it?

Well just as the real estate industry will tell you that the three main characteristics which help in the sale of property are location, location and location, so too the three main characteristics of successfully finishing a dissertation in less than six months are preparation, preparation and preparation. The better your preparation, the better are your chances of completing the task in a set amount of time.

But there are other tips to help you achieve success

  • Your physical and mental health is vitally important.
  • Setting precise deadlines or finishing dates for every stage is very important.
  • You need to be able to make decisions and stick to them.
  • The quality of your research equals the quality of your writing.
  • Habits and routines are the bedrock of your success.

There will be times when you are working on your doctoral dissertation that your health will suffer. It might mean that you get a cold or headache or that you suffer from stress and anxiety because of the pressure of work. The better you are at maintaining good mental and physical health, the easier will be your task to complete the work.

Divide your dissertation into a series of stages. Have an end date for each stage. Stick to the timetable. With a plan or map of your progress, you give confidence to your project and remove worries that you will fall behind schedule.

There will come a time, many times, during the work process where you will need to make a decision. Lose your ability to procrastinate. Become good at making decisions and stick to whatever you decide.

The better the relevance and depth of your research material, the better the quality of your writing. You need to find sufficient research material of a high-quality and spend enough time to gain the best results from your research.

You need to work on your dissertation at fixed times. You need to establish a routine. You need to get into good working habits. Following all of these steps will enable you to complete a doctoral dissertation in less than six months.

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