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How To Compose A Strong Dissertation Concluding Section – Tips From Experts

You need to get your PhD dissertation concluding paragraphs absolutely perfect! Your conclusion is a defining chapter in a dissertation, and brings your work to a logical and reasonable end. Of course, you should always be in close consultation with your course supervisor at all stages of your thesis work. But getting expert advice when it comes time to organize and compose your concluding paragraphs is crucial.

We've put together some of the top tips that will help you put together a powerful and persuasive finish to what will be a fantastic, final PhD dissertation.

Remember the Goals Of Your Dissertation Conclusions.

  • To Provide A Summary Of The Arguments And Contributions You've Made

    Your concluding paragraphs are your final opportunity to succinctly sum up your entire dissertation, and the contributions your research and work has made in your field.

  • To Reflect On The Conclusions That You Have Reached In Your Dissertation

    Reflect on what you want the reader to take away from your dissertation. What are the most significant revelations you have made? What are the most memorable points, and the message that you want your audience to receive from your writing?

  • To Provide Inspiration And Possible Leads For Future Research

    No matter how much research and work went into your PhD dissertation, there will always remain unanswered questions. Sometimes, your paper may have unearthed more new questions for fellow scholars in your field of study, than it provided answers to! This is not necessarily a bad thing, and may inspire others to take up further work based on your findings.

Remember The Different Aspects Of Your Conclusion.

  • Proper Placement Of Your Concluding Paragraphs

    The order in which you place your concluding paragraphs will be of great importance. The final paragraph is perhaps of the greatest, and most strategic importance. If your reader remembers nothing else of your dissertation, leave them with a fabulous finish that will stick with them.

  • Bringing Closure To The Work

    While you want to leave the window open for future research regarding the topic of your dissertation, you do not want to bring in new or unrelated ideas. Your finishing paragraphs should be about bringing an end, or an answer to the questions or issues raised in your thesis. Take care not go off on a tangent!

  • Keep It Consistent

    Your concluding paragraphs must flow naturally from the body of your work. Be sure that you do not change your tone, or your style of writing at the end of your work. Consistency is an important key to dissertation success!

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