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Academic Tips For Writing A Dissertation: How To Format Your Paper

The Dissertation is a detailed piece of writing which is based on in-depth research and extended reading. It is a project for the student’s final year and it differs from other module assessments. Your dissertation requires that you independently take responsibility of your own learning and choose a method of for undertaking study, research, produce a literature review, write and discuss all the information that you have found in your own words, and then discuss the outcomes.

The undergraduate students of Social Sciences and humanities have to submit this as their final study. It is important for anyone who has been given this task to keep these things in mind. Remember that your dissertation counts for about one-fourth of your marks for your final year. This is not an ordinary task of writing an essay. The dissertation requires planning and achieving the perfect central idea of your dissertation. When you have been given the task of writing a dissertation, then it is important to know the format that you are supposed to follow while writing the dissertation. If you do not follow the format, then surely your marks will be deducted and your effort will be wasted so here we will provide you with the necessary information


You should have a margin of 1.5 inch on each side of the page. You can do this easily by going on to your word document, click on the page setup tab, and choose the margins option and add the required width.


Your font should be at least of the size if not 12. The size 12 is usually preferred and the font style should be Times New Roman.

Page numbering

For your dissertation, you would have to make three numbered sections

  1. The first section is a blank cover page and doesn’t require numbering

  2. The second section has numbering in lower case Roman numerals all the mentioned pages
    • the title page
    • A blank page / Copyright page
    • Abstract
    • The optional preface , dedication and acknowledgement
    • Table of contents
    • A list of graphs , charges and tables
    • List of illustrations
  3. The third section has Arabic numerals and includes parts such as introduction, main body, appendix, endnotes, glossary and bibliography

It is important for the writer to keep all these key points in mind when you start writing your dissertation

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