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Tips for college students history thesis topics to avoid

If you don’t have enough experience with open assignments, where the professor does not give a topic, or even a field and leave it for you to select, it is easy to make some serious mistakes and get a poor grade for your paper. Of course, if you just have the course notes in front of you and you have the freedom to select anything related to it; it is easy to get lost. To find out which common mistakes the students make and how to avoid them, check out the following tips.

Topics with lack of data and information.

The most unpleasant problem you may come across is realizing that you do not have enough information to write your paper, when you are already halfway done with it. It means that you will have to either look for more sophisticated sources, which will take you a lot of time or, most likely, change your topic and have to do everything from scratch with much less time left to due date. Reasons you may come across this problem are the following:

  • the topic you have selected is too narrow;
  • you are talking about a specific, quite unknown historical event or personality.

Topics which have strong controversial opinions about.

It is good to select debatable topics when you are writing an argumentative or persuasive essay. However, when you are in the process of writing a thesis, disagreements regarding the topic will prevent your readers from clearly understanding your findings. After all, the most important purpose of your thesis is not to persuade somebody in your point of view, but to deeply research the topic and present your findings. It is also not a good idea to strongly express your opinion when writing a thesis. You shall study the works of others and build your findings on it.

Topics that are used numerous times.

This is the problem that will most likely prevent you from getting a good grade on your paper. Nobody is interested in reading the material that was described several times already. Also, the topic like this may not even be approved by your instructor at early stages of writing. Your thesis shall offer a new input in modern science, show a new approach to the problem or present new findings on your topic. There will be no point in writing your paper, if you simply repeat what has already been studied before you.

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