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How to come up with your own architecture thesis topics

Researching, writing and successfully defending your thesis is a common requirement in all fields of academia for acquiring a decent grade. Though this sounds intimidating, it's actually not, since the years spent studying were a preparation for this very final test of knowledge display. As always, thorough planning and methodical work are key to success.

Choosing your own architecture thesis can certainly seem like a daunting task, but by following these few simple guidelines, you should be able to do it successfully without too much stress.

Pick your passion within your passion

Since every thesis is supposed to be completely original and plagiarism is absolutely not tolerated in academic circles, there is no specific advice that will help you write one while still keeping it original. What is the subject that you are passionate about? Is there something that inspires or intrigues you? Answers to these two questions will bring you closer to finding out the starting point of your architecture thesis.

Your thesis doesn't necessarily have to be in line with the mainstream opinion, as long as it is supported by your own arguments. Remember that the arguments you present have to be valid to the point of withstanding scrutiny of your peers and mentors.

Pick a balanced topic

Choosing an obscure topic for a thesis might mean that you lack enough literature to support and source your arguments. Then again, choosing a prominent one might mean that someone has already done the exact same thing before. The best approach is a balance of both—taking an obscure topic and bringing it into the mainstream by using your own approach. Controversy sparks discussion, but only if it is carefully mixed with reasonable arguments.

Take your time

The best topic for a thesis is the one that has personal significance to you. If you can't get any ideas, take a look at previously published theses and try to find one where you can add your own opinion. Remember that your thesis is something that should represent your contribution to the field, so make it count. Don't worry if you can't find a thesis right away, take your time and always have in mind the scope of work.

Though finding your own architecture thesis topic may seem like a lot of work, a carefully chosen one will significantly reduce the amount of work you have to do later—when it comes to actually researching, writing and defending your own thesis.

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